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Civil Process


Civil Process Division

Officer BentleyThe Civil Division receives and processes all judicial processes issued by various courts. The section also serves civil and criminal process documents, which includes subpoenas, writs, summons, and executions.

To arrange for service contact:

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

Civil Section
PO Box 67
Bristol, FL 32321
Telephone Number 850-643-2235

Please Note: We create our return on our computerized Return of Service form, and will not complete Out of State affidavits or Return of Service forms. Fees for service are fixed by Florida Statue 30.231 and are non-refundable.

Non-Enforceable Civil Process

Summons, Notices, Writs of Garnishment, Notices of Tax Sale, Subpoenas, and all other types of non-enforceable process requiring service only. This Office will serve the process according to Florida State Statutes unless an explicit letter of instruction accompanies each document.


Service fee: $40 for each service include:

  1. a stamped self addressed stamped envelope.
  2. 2 certified copies of paper or summons to be served.
  3. 1 copy of complaint or petition
  4. the best possible address (we will not accept papers with just a P.O. box address).

Service fees are NON-REFUNDABLE!

Enforceable Civil Process

All documents must be either issued in or domesticated within the State of Florida. Any enforceable process requiring in excess of one hour will be charged at the rate of $18 per hour per deputy.

Writ of Possession
Landlord / Tenant & Foreclosure Requirements

  1. Original Writ and two certified copies of writ.
  2. Name and phone number(s) for person who will meet the Deputy and accept possession of the premises..
  3. A stamped self addressed envelope if you wish a copy of the return of service.

Total fee: $90 per Writ

Service fees are non-refundable even if the landlord decides not to go through with the eviction after the writ has been posted.

Note: For help with filing eviction papers go to the Liberty County Clerks web site at

Writ of Replevin


  1. Original Writ and one certified copies of writ.
  2. Copy of Final Judgment/Order
  3. Name and phone number(s) for person who will accept possession of the property. The plaintiff will provide labor and equipment necessary to complete the replevin.
  4. A stamped self addressed envelope if you wish a copy of the return of service.

Total fee: $90 per Writ

Writs of Bodily Attachment, Civil Warrants, etc.

Civil warrants to be served in Liberty County


  1. Two Certified Copies of Order.
  2. Information sheet: must indicate address, date of birth, and description of subject.
  3. A stamped self addressed envelope if you wish a copy of the return of service.

Total fee: $90

Writs of Execution (levy’s)

Contact this office at 850-643-2235 and ask for the Civil Section for information on costs and required paperwork.

Writ of Execution/Levy = Cost deposit starting @ $1,200.00
($50.00 execution, $40.00 service fee)
Personal checks are accepted. Payment must be received prior to service and per FS 48.20 We cannot serve process on Sunday.