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Booking and Release

Booking and Release

Members of the Corrections Division are responsible for processing offenders that have been arrested in Liberty County as well as processing offenders who have been sentenced by the Liberty County Courts.  Individuals that have been arrested will appear before a Judge within the first twenty-four (24) hours of arrest. The Judge informs each arrestee of his/her charge(s) and the bond amount for each charge. First appearance is held each day.

After first appearance, each inmate is given a phone call. If able to bond out, inmate complete the necessary procedures and are released from custody with a date to return to court. Inmates who are not released or not able to bond out continue to be held in the county jail.

Upon release from the county jail, all personal property held in the jail will be returned to the released inmate by a member of the Corrections Division. Any remaining funds on the released inmate’s commissary or telephone accounts will be paid to the inmate by check.