Communications Unit


If you call 911, or the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency lines, your call will most likely be answered by one of our Communications Officers. When we receive your call you will be asked to provide your name, the phone number you are calling from, the address you need a deputy dispatched to and a brief description of what the problem is that you are reporting. Depending on the severity of your call, you may be asked to stay on the line and provide additional information while the deputies are responding. Dial 911 Tips if you need to call:

  • If you are reporting an accident, you’ll be asked if there are injuries. Are lanes of traffic blocked? How many vehicles are involved? Is anyone injured?
  • To report an emergency from your vehicle, be prepared to give road, street, and address information. If possible, find out what the nearest cross streets are – or give information about prominent landmarks or buildings.
  • If you are reporting a reckless or intoxicated driver, give the direction of travel, approximate speed and the last location where the driver was seen. Describe the car and driver if possible. If you can, get the license number.
  • Reporting crimes in progress can be dangerous – so be careful. Don’t take any unnecessary chances. If you can safely determine what kind of crime is in progress and if there are any weapons involved, tell the Communications Officer. If there are any injuries, report that so medical personnel can be notified as well.

Records and Warrants:

In addition to their duties as Communications Officers, members of the Communications Unit also maintain the Sheriff’s Office’s records of active warrants, writs, injunctions, juvenile pick-up orders, trespass warnings and stolen property “hot” files. Florida’s Public Records Laws makes all materials made or received by an agency in connection with official business to be open for public inspection, unless the legislature has exempted it from disclosure. All arrest paperwork and crime reports are maintained by this section and yearly statistical compilation of major crimes, arrests, property dollar loss and recovery information is reported to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for inclusion into the Uniform Crime Report of Florida. If you need a copy of any record from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office you may contact Vanell Summers at (850) 643-2235 or The current cost is $.15 for each page or the cost allowable under Florida Statute 119.