Corrections Division

Corrections Division

The Corrections Division of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office operates the Liberty County Jail. The goal of the Corrections Division is to provide a safe, secure, and constitutional environment for the detainment of adults who have been arrested for misdemeanor and felony crimes in Liberty County, and for the safe transport of all persons sentenced to the Florida Department of Corrections.

The Corrections Division is supervised by a Captain, who acts as the Jail Administrator. In addition to the Captain, the Corrections Division is staffed with one Lieutenant, seven full-time Officers, three part-time Officers, two part-time nurses, and a Correctional Technician. In addition to ensuring the secure holding of inmates, the Corrections Division staff is also responsible for transporting inmates to court appearances, and transporting suspects arrested in other counties and states back to Liberty County to stand trial.

To contact the County Jail, call 850-643-2075.


 The Medical Department is staffed with a two Registered Nurses (RN) who provides medical services to inmates. Additionally, the Jail has area Doctors on contract to provide Medical and Mental Health Services to incarcerated offenders. Inmate’s health complaints are solicited daily and followed by appropriate triage and treatment by qualified health professionals.


 This program allows select low risk offenders who meet the Liberty County Courts and Jail Facility criteria an opportunity to work in the community while completing the terms of their sentence. This program gives offenders the chance to pay restitution and support their families during incarceration.

The Liberty County Jail is a working jail.  We strive to meet the daily needs of inmates by providing a vast number of programs.  Our goal is to keep inmates productive while decreasing the tax burden to the community.

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