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Sheriff Walter “Buddy” Money

Sheriff Walter “Buddy” Money was raised in Liberty County and family has ties to Liberty County to the late 1800s.  Sheriff Money grew up in Bristol and attended Liberty County High School.  Sheriff Money graduated from LCHS in 1973.   Shortly after graduating High School Sheriff Money began working for a local logging company cutting timber. The late Sheriff Harrellwood Revell sponsored Sheriff Money to attend the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy, from which he graduated in 1982.

 In 1983 Sheriff Money began a career with the Coral Gables Police Department as a patrol officer.  Sheriff Money 22.5-year career where he worked as a Patrol Officer, Motors Officer, Training Officer, Investigations, and Internal Affairs. Sheriff Money was a member of the Coral Gables Police Department competition pistol team. Sheriff Money won numerous pistol competitions over the years. 

After retiring from the Coral Gables Police Department, Sheriff Money moved back and began working with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Money worked as the victim’s Advocate from 2008-2013.  Sheriff Money was appointed Sheriff by Governor Rick Scott in 2013 where he served as interim Sheriff for 4 months.

Sheriff Money retired in 2013 and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah.  While in Salt Lake he became a Security Officer for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah from 2015-2016.

 Sheriff Money later moved back to Liberty County and ran for Sheriff in 2020. Sheriff Money was elected Sheriff of Liberty County 2020 and is currently in office.

Honors and Affiliations:

Liberty County Senior Citizens Board; Liberty County Community Health Board; President, Florida Peace Officers Association; President, Coral Gables Police Benevolent Association.