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The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Communications Division is staffed 24 hours a day; 7 days a week; 365 days a year. Peggy Moore serves as the Director of Communications for the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

The Communications Division receives, and dispatches calls for the Sheriff’s Office, as well as Liberty County Emergency Medical Services, and five (5) volunteer fire stations located in Liberty County. In addition, the communications division receives, and dispatches all calls for animal control & code enforcement within the county. All calls to 9-1-1 throughout Liberty County, both land line and cellular, are answered at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

One of the most important roles of the communications officer is maintaining radio contact with deputies, and emergency responders. They are the “lifeline” for the deputies, and emergency responders. Requests from the responders to contact other agencies are carried out by the communications division. These requests may include contacting utility companies, public works, or assistance from other law enforcement agencies.

Communications Officers have access to the Florida Criminal Information Center (FCIC) and National Criminal Information Center (NCIC). The information centers provide access and an ability to communicate with other agencies throughout the United States and Florida. Through FCIC/NCIC they can determine if a subject is wanted by another agency, if an item/vehicle has been reported stolen, or if someone has been reported missing. They also enter stolen items, vehicles, license plates, missing persons, wanted persons, protection orders, etc.

Amanda Neal, Director of Communications
(850) 354-3480 
(850) 643-2235
Email: [email protected]